Monday, June 4, 2012

The blog is moving!

Hello to all of my faithful Blogger followers! I'm excited to report that my business is growing and changing at such a pace that I explored all new ways of creating my online presence. As part of that, I recently moved my blog so that it can be more integrated with my main website. There are all sorts of technical reasons to move it that I won't go into here. The move was quite a project and I learned a lot. Of course I wrote about it for today's post, which you can read at the new site,

The only sad news about integrating my blog with my main website is that it will no longer be here at Blogger for you to read in your reader. I feel a bit like I'm leaving a community, but I'll still be stopping by to read your blogs and comment from time to time. I certainly don't want to loose contact with you either, so please come join me over at You'll see a few ways to subscribe in the sidebar of the new blog. I even have a link to my Pinterest page (just for fun) and my Vimeo channel (because I love to make videos). By the way, all of your favorite posts from the past are migrated over there, too, so the history is not lost as I make room for the future.

The new blog home is only part of what's next for me and my business as a life coach. I can truly say that I can hardy wait to see what challenges and opportunities are around the corner!

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