Friday, April 16, 2010

The Bookshelf

When I arrive to stay at someone's home, there is usually either a note or a person there to give me a small orientation. At the end of it, they often say "make yourself at home." I think they probably mean that it is OK to use their pots and pans. I take it to mean that it is OK to read their books.

I love to look at people's bookshelves. Even if I brought a book with me, I can't resist looking through the books in the space where I am living. Back in the days that I was subletting my apartment to other people, I often received comments from subletters about my great collection of books, so I know that I am not the only one who does this. By looking through a bookshelf, I learn more about the person who lives there and his or her interests. It is almost as if that person introduces me to their favorite ideas and authors without even being in the room. While in other peoples' homes I have read everything from The Lovely Bones to Zen Buddhism for Dummies to The Biography of Ben Franklin. I could probably read the entire Harry Potter series without ever carrying around a book since everyone seems to have it. I even associate certain places that I have lived with the books that I read while I was there. In my mind, the place takes on the character or mood of the book. There is also the delightful pressure of having to finish it before I leave. Even though some of my hosts would probably let me borrow a book after I am no longer staying in their place, there is no need to do so. There will be more great books in the next location.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Life

Easter Sunday is my last full day in Greenwich Village. The weather definitely matches the spirit of the day. As if on cue, the whole neighborhood came alive this weekend. Days like this inspire me to stage a small photo shoot. As I took the photos, I realized that the elements of a stunning photo have a variety of applications in life:
  • Framing: Once you decide what's important and crop off all the other junk, real beauty emerges.
  • Point of view: If something is not working, look at the subject from a different angle.
  • Focus: Enough said.
  • Patience: Spend the extra time to get it right.
  • Observation: Some of the best opportunities are on your way somewhere else. Pay attention.
  • Trial and Error: Look at what you did, learn from it, and try again.
  • Juxtaposition: Mixing together unexpected elements creates the most interesting results.
  • The Light: Without it, there is nothing.
Below are the fruits of my labor. I hope you enjoy the results.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life Coach Video

People often ask, what is a life coach? How are you different than other life coaches? Well, here it is, folks. A three minute answer in the form of a video. It was so much fun to make the video, and was also a great exercise in defining what I do best as a coach. I hope that you find it enjoyable and interesting!
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