I was recently reunited with a friend who is completing her doctoral work in economics. Impressive. She admitted that it’s exciting but it’s been a very long road. Then she asked what I did.

“I’m a life coach, actress, author, and Urban Nomad.”

Her eyes widened. “That sounds amazing! Why didn’t anyone tell me that I could sign up for that?”

Well, you can’t sign up for that. In fact, I think that’s the best part. I am on my own path, using an internal compass, spiritual guidance and past experience to find my own way to spread joy to those around me. And you know what? It works. I live and work completely within my passions, and I believe you can too.

As a certified life coach, I help people understand who they are so that they can create their own path to their own unique goals.

One of the most convenient aspects of creating your own map toward your goals is that you don’t have to “start over.” You build upon what you’ve already done. Here are some of the main highlights of what I’ve already done:
  • BA in English from Valparaiso University, IN
  • MA in Youth and Family from Luther Seminary, MN
  • MA in Organizational Psychology from NYU
  • Life Coach Certification from the Institute for Life Coach Training
  • Member of the International Coach Federation
  • National Board Certified Coach
I also won a bookmark design contest in the third grade, but we won’t get into that.

The point is, if you look closely, you’ll see how it all adds up quite nicely into being a certified life coach, professional musical theater actress, published author and Urban Nomad.

My business card says I am a Collector of Experiences. I’ve taken road trips through 48 states, been an overnight guest in the private homes of over 500 families, backpacked though Europe, taught English in China, climbed a glacier in New Zealand, attended runway shows at fashion week, gone to premiers of movies and Broadway shows, and been a Macy’s Giant balloon handler. Twice.

Please visit my main website to find out more or contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!
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